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Hypnotherapy for weight loss


Hypnotherapy for weight loss can be helpful if you would like to lose weight for a particular purpose such as going on a holiday, when over-eating has become a habit or when there is an underlying cause for over-eating i.e. trauma. Obesity is high in the UK and research has shown many adult are obese or over-weight.


What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, which has two components of suggestion and absorption (or trance). The primary focus in hypnosis is for the person to relax. Once relaxed, it opens a pathway to the unconscious mind. Once opened, the unconscious mind is able to respond to suggestions that are going to help the person.


How does hypnotherapy work for weight loss?

The therapist will obtain a background about the weight issues and your desired outcome. Your therapist would also work with you to create an ideal goal that is specific, measured, actionable, realistic and time-based.

Depending on whether you are under the observation of your GP, dietician or nutritionist, it may be necessary for your therapist to seek guidance from these medical professionals to ensure the hypnotherapy is tailored according to your needs.

The aim in hypnotherapy for weight loss would be to break current habits and learn new responses and introduce new ideas to countermand the old.

Motivation and goal setting is important in hypnotherapy for weight loss.

Under trance, the therapist will give positive suggestions to help you imagine personal benefits of eating healthily and exercising.

A mood and food diary would also be a useful supplement to identify any patterns. A record will help you consider what you eat and see a pattern to emerge. Your therapist would then help you make steps to interrupt that pattern. This can open a pathway for setting up a schedule for eating at the right time and the right amount of food. Having a structure will play a key role within the goal setting.

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